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Didrik Tønseth "FF makes me a better skier"

"I feel I get more in return for the many hours of training when I use FF Rollerskis. It's practically a revolution within classic roller skiing!" boasts Norwegian national skier Didrik Tønseth enthusiastically.

FF Rollerskis and Gear

In our assortment of rollerskis we offer the signature FF Pro Classic and FF Pro Skate with a suspension system in the forks. 

We also feature the FF Active series. Rollerskis without suspension.

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FF V Pro Classic


Our flagship classic rollerski! The FF V Pro comes with the patented frame/fork vulcanization suspension technology. They feature the famous V-groove wheel, which make them exceptionally stable and predictable to use.

FF Pro Skate


FF Pro Skate is FF Rollerskis flagship skate ski. The added suspension in the fork gives it a more ski-like feel, and since it absorbs road vibration, makes skiing on even rougher surfaces possible.

FF V Active Classic


The FF Active V Classic is big news from FF Rollerskis. It features the same V-groove designed wheels as the flagship model FF V-Pro Classic!

FF Active Skate Junior


The FF Active Junior is a smaller version of the FF Active and designed for younger skiers. They are shorter than conventional skis and are meant for those under 140 cm.

FF Active Skate


The FF Active Skate is the second generation Standardski. The slightly lower balance point improves the overall stability of the ski. It is the ideal rollerski for those who are looking for a simple yet reliable ski.

Rollerskis you Feel!

Our Pro Classic and Pro Skate rollerskis feature a unique suspension technology. The frame and fork do not have metal to metal contact, rather are fused together through a rubber vulcanization process, creating a patented and unparalleled “muffling” of road vibration. This allows us to use a wheel with a ventilated rim and rubber that is more wear resistant. The suspension system provides dynamic flexibility when in use and dampening which lessens the effects of vibration on the body, which in turn can reduce wear and tear on the joints.


V-Groove Wheel

Creates a directionally stable wheel.


Rollerski w/suspension

Mimics the flex of a ski


Large wheel rim

Harder rubber, less wear 


Made in Norway

We make our skis in Horten.


Our ambassadors and satisfied users!

"These are the best rollerskis I have ever used! Without question, they make me a better skier. I recommend these to skiers of any level - beginners, recreational skiers, and elite alike!"
Didrik Tønseth
Didrik Tønseth
Norwegian National Team Skier