Our Story

FF Rollerskis Inc.

The FF Rollerskis story began in 2012 at Gaustablikk, Norway when I eyed a pair of Atomic skate skis leaning against the cottage wall. I was curious. And when I stepped onto those pink and white skis with my bright yellow ski boots on I knew I was hooked! It was love at first sight, well…love at first ski. 

FF rulleski med Gaustadtoppen i bakgrunn
First generation FF Classic. Pictured at Rjukan, Norway and you can see the beautiful Gaustadtoppen in the background. Ground Zero for all we do today.

I carried this burden with me from the mountain and out onto the asphalt. The open road, as the say, lay before me as I set out with my new, top of the line, carbon rollerskis under foot. 

But it didn’t take long before I felt unwelcome niggles in my knee after the training sessions, and I knew immediately it had something to do with road vibration. The rollerskis were too stiff; they lacked the flexibility of skiing on snow. The seed was sown and it prompted me to seek near and far for the perfect rollerski with flex. But flex that represented something, a response, feedback that I could “take with me” into the next stride. The rollerski I was looking for was one that could give me the resistance I was seeking in order to find rhythm in my skiing, the same resistance that skiing (on snow) gives.

I searched and I tested, chatted with and prodded all who I knew (a good number of smart, competent, crazy, and creative people) and subsequently many I didn’t know, in the hope of finding what I was looking for. Rollerskiing had not only become an important part of my training but had become an integral part of my day to day. It gave me so much Joy! And I refused to give up…

When I came to the realization that “my rollerski” didn’t exist, well, then I knew I had to create it myself!

Rulleski - Henrik


FF is about pushing boundaries, recognizing opportunities, see possibilities, and develop and test new ideas. By identifying our customers’ needs we seek out solutions that give the best rollerski experiences. 

We are out there, in the track, and we’ve been there from the start.

We are forward thinkers, and our focus is on functionality, sustainability, and quality. We develop  what we feel is the future of rollerskiing.

We are challenging the established, homogenous norms with new technology and better pricing. Others are following our lead. 

Our goal is for you to experience that same good ski feel but with rollerskis on your feet!

We manufacture and sell 5 different rollerski models, FF V Pro Classic, FF Pro SkateFF V Active ClassicFF Active Skate og FF Active Skate Junior.

We are also market leaders in the design and sale of rollerski wheels. You can expect the best prices from us.


Handmade Rollerskis

Our Pro Classic and Pro Skate rollerskis feature a unique suspension technology. The frame and fork do not have metal to metal contact, rather are fused together through a rubber vulcanization process, creating a patented, unparalleled “muffling” of road vibration. This allows for dynamic flexibility when in use and provides damping which lessens the effects of vibration on the body, which in turn can reduce wear and tear on the joints.


"These are the best roller skies I have ever used." - Didrik Tønseth

After a long career as a an elite cross country skier and part of the Norwegian National Team, I have tested and used everything the market has to offer. For the past few months I have tested the FF Classic and FF Skate and can testify that these are the by far the best roller skies I have ever used, says Tønseth.

Didrik Tønseth